Program Structure & Governance

The program governance includes the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), the Steering Committee, and the Admissions Committee. The DGS has many duties as specified by the Univeristy of Minnesota. The Steering Committee addresses the long term needs of the program and any short term issues. The Admissions Committee reviews applications for admissions and makes admissions decisions.

The majority of the instructors for the program are from the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Radiology at the University of Minnesota. Faculty are listed as full if they advise and support a student in the program at least once every five years or if they show active participation in the program by serving on student’s MS and PhD committees at least once every five years. Classrooms for instruction are located either in University of Minnesota buildings or in the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Office space for students is provided in University of Minnesota facilities. Equipment required for laboratory courses is either owned by the University or is supplied by the University of Minnesota Medical Center.